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Entrust your landscape to AP Trees' exceptional tree removal, trimming, and care services for unmatched tranquility in Indianapolis, IN. Experience dedicated service that safeguards and beautifies your property.

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    At AP Trees, we understand the importance of maintaining a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment. That’s why our tree removal services are designed to address every concern, whether it’s a dead or diseased tree threatening your property or simply an aesthetic choice in Indianapolis, IN. Our experienced team utilizes the latest techniques to safely remove any tree, ensuring minimal disruption to your surroundings. Trust us to handle hazardous tree removals with precision and care, reflecting our over 35 years of experience.

    tree removal indianapolis in

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    Tree Removal

    Looking for top-tier tree removal services? Our experts specialize in removing dead or diseased trees, as well as those encroaching on your property or simply no longer wanted. With a focus on safety and efficiency, we ensure that your space is cleared without any hassle. Trust us to handle your tree removal needs with the utmost professionalism.

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    Tree Trimming

    Elevate your landscape's health and appearance with our tree trimming services. We meticulously trim overgrown branches, remove dead or diseased limbs, and shape trees to enhance their natural beauty. Our service not only boosts the aesthetic appeal but also promotes the well-being of your trees, ensuring they thrive year-round.

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    Stump Grinding

    Remove unsightly stumps with our stump grinding services. Our state-of-the-art equipment grinds down tree stumps, leaving your land smooth and uniform. This process not only improves your property's appearance but also eliminates potential hazards, making it safer and more accessible.

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    Lot Clearing

    Our lot clearing services are designed to transform your property into a blank canvas. Whether it's trees, debris, shrubbery, or dirt, we efficiently clear the land to pave the way for your future projects. Our team works diligently to provide a clean slate, making your lot ready for whatever you have planned next.

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    Emergency Services

    When unexpected storms hit, our emergency tree services are here to help. We swiftly deal with fallen trees and branches to mitigate any danger or damage to your property. Our bracing and cabling techniques offer a noninvasive solution to strengthen and stabilize trees, providing peace of mind in any weather.

    What Our Clients Are Saying


    Brian King

    Bailey is an expert on tree types when it comes to tree 🌳 removal services. Bailey is also very professional and flexible in terms of your tree removal needs.

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    Tom R

    Progressional company to work with, I would recommend them

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    Jeff Archey

    I called Allpoints and left a message and Bailey called back in less than five minutes and I explained that a very large tree in my yard had split near the base, half was leaning towards the house and the other half leaning over a playset over the neighbors backyard, Bailey understood my sense of urgency and came out within the hour. And with his experience he quickly sized up exactly what equipment and manpower was needed, rerouted a crew and got set up and got to work. Everyone on the crew was experienced and polite and you could tell they knew what they were doing, lots of equipment and they worked until the job was done, and cleaned up very well. Lots of piece of mind seeing how they handled everything, very fair pricing, thanks.

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    Christopher Hartley

    Wanted to highly recommend All Points Tree Service. We were in a bind after two companies backed out/ghosted us and on a deadline for a related project. Their customer service was top-notch, and pricing was reasonable, and they were able to squeeze us into their schedule very quickly. I wish they would have been the first we called. They sure will be the next time.

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    Marlene Miller

    Very happy with the job these folks did! Very safe, professional and did a good job with clean up! Would recommend them for sure!

    Google Reviews


    David Honaker

    I had three trees taken down this summer, plus stumps. All points was by far the best value, did the job perfectly, and cleaned up everything.

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    Andrew Kahn

    Fantastic next day delivery of firewood. Wood burns great and it’s a great value. Wholeheartedly recommend for the Indianapolis area.

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    R V

    I cannot say enough good things about these guys. We called them needing a tree taken down ASAP and they had an arborist to our door within 2 days with a quote that was WAY less than anyone else we had tried. They were able to schedule the job a week later once they recieved all the paperwork. They included tree cut down, stump removal, and hauling away the debris for a VERY affordable price. They were professional, courteous and did an amazing job. They cleaned up the area so well and even used a leaf blower to remove leaves and sawdust from the fire pit and outside seating area. I had a hard time even finding where the stump had been! If you need someone fast, affordable and professional THIS is your company. I cannot recommend them enough!

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    Herman Barclay

    Doing a great job 24/7 and best cleanup in the business.

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    Curtis Williamson

    Hire these guys! Just had our first experience with them. They were prompt, friendly, and gave fair pricing–way lower than the local competitors. It was also quite a job, and they stuck with it. I will definitely be using them again.

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    Andrew Johnson

    Professional service and great advice. Friendly sales rep who was honest about what my trees needed. Life long customer after a great experience.

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    D Heimansohn

    We have used All Points Tree Service since we moved into our house in 1991 for tree removal, trimming, brush removal, pruning and advice on other tree concerns. We cannot recommend this business highly enough. Larry is honest to the core, prompt, reliable and hires responsible employees. His pricing is fair and more than reasonable. We would never consider using any other tree service while All Points is in business.

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